Barton Professional Placement Group offers recruitment services to meet your permanent employee hiring needs. Our firm is built on cornerstones of honesty, integrity and service-level excellence and sound customer relationships.


Our philosophy is to provide premium service as your partner. We are not timid about sharing guidance and information that will accelerate your corporate goals and objectives through effective organizational development. If you just want resume’s thrown over the wall, spend an hour on career builder, or key word searches on LinkedIn. If you want well qualified candidates that have gone through the Barton Professional Placement Group’s rigorous process for first understanding your needs and job description requirements in depth. Second, deep screening and qualifying of candidates to match those well-understood requirements for your company.

We are committed to providing equal opportunity for the best candidates with the highest qualifications. Supporting the economic recovery, we never disadvantage any qualified individual based on any factor including, but not limited to race, age, gender. Our goal is to ensure your enterprise meets it’s business goals for productivity and profitable revenue.

Our History

Barton StaffingFor over 15 years, Barton Staffing Solutions has built a reputation on hard work, dedication and ethics in order to save clients 20% to 45% in hidden labor costs with qualified light industrial and office temporary staffing solutions.

Barton Professional Placement Group

Built on the foundation of experience, we are responding to our customer’s requests for additional search and placement services. With Barton Professional Placement group we can support our customers in nearly every aspect of their organizational development needs.

We are honored to be the trusted partner for all our customer’s hiring and staffing needs.

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