Flexible Hiring Search, Placement and Consultative Service

Barton Professional Placement Group identifies talent to fit your specific hiring approach. Our goal is to find experienced and capable candidates that can perform the job you have available.  While we look at meeting your needs for both skills and abilities, we also consider and wrap our flexible process around your operational, hiring and resource engagement requirements and processes. We are flexible to work around your unique needs – and will willingly share our depth of experience to advise you on the pros and cons of an approach.  We can do:

Direct-hire – For permanent job positions you need to fill, Barton Professional Placement Group provides qualified candidates based on your identified needs and approved job descriptions. Your company makes the final offer, and Barton Professional Placement Group supports your human resources processes for hiring permanent employees.  This option is preferred.

Contract-to-hire – For positions that may convert to permanent hires, Barton Professional Placement Group can find qualified candidates willing to come on board under a limited staffing or temporary worker contract. We identify potential candidates that desire this approach to employment, and use your contract, making it simple.  Dynamics in regulation (unemployment) and liability (worker compensation insurance) are taken into account in choosing this approach.

Contract-based employee – For positions that are project based, or otherwise time-bound, Barton Professional Placement Group will help you find employees that prefer the flexibility of contract-based employment. We use your contract, making it simple.  This is typically a fixed fee approach.  Call us to discuss this more if interested.

The Perfect Match

We match employer needs from every aspect, to employee interests and methods of working. With dynamic trends for employment and employee engagement, Barton Professional Placement Group is there to match your need with flexible solutions.

More Technology and More Data Is Not Necessarily Better

HR managers regularly ask us if they should in-source their recruiting with the pitches and promises of online resume-collecting systems.  We use these too – but the value in recruiting is the ability to sift through and find the golden needle in the haystack you are looking for.  More straw does not make finding that needle easier – it makes it harder.  In the end, Big Data systems and Advanced Predictive Analytics are often touted as a panacea in finding and recruiting talent.  It takes more than that.

Many online application technologies and cloud-based recruiting tools are coming to market.  Big data and massive databases of people and talent seem like they will replace recruiting. These technological developments have given employers a false sense that technology can replace recruiters.  However, the need for recruiters has increased, not decreased.  Now that employers have greater access to databases of talent, or internal-online corporate applicant tracking systems; the need for qualified search and placement firms like Barton Professional Placement Group, with the strategic competency and proven skills to identify screen and deliver the top three candidates objectively right for the job is even more valuable – or critical – today than ever before.

Making the Flexible Hiring Search Partnership Work

We are your business partner.  Like all business partnerships, each party must have an interest in the other party’s success.  We will give you what you need – qualified candidates for the roles you need exceptional talent to perform and deliver results toward your corporate goals.

What We Need From You

  • Mutual trust.  We know you are expert at your business.  Like you, we are expert at our profession and have built our reputation upon a foundation of trust. The best outcomes result when clients truly value the recruiting service we provide as a recognized industry and profession.  Research has proven the well understood benefits from our services including: cost savings, lower turnover, acceleration of business results, among others.
  • Timely response.  Typically, if we are asking a question, submitting a candidate for review, going through post-interview candidate review, we strive to do that the same day, or first thing in the morning the following day. We lose more candidates to other job offers than for any other reason.
  • Honest, candid and complete feedback.  As we submit candidates to our clients, the more specific and direct their feedback – the better we can tune our flexible hiring search to fit your unique criteria.  “No interest,” as a response to a candidate does not help your partner find the next candidate to gain your interest.  Tell us why.
  • Availability. Setting up interviews is hard.  Passive candidates that are typically presently employed have constraints on their schedule.  The individuals that will interview candidates we present must make time to be available.
  • Internal buy-in.  Hiring new people usually puts some level of tension on the organization.  Some might feel threatened in terms of their role being marginalized. Others might feel that their decision for organizational direction is being ignored.  Whatever the reason, bringing in new talent to your organization must have “buy-in” from all levels of your organization – or the process will be difficult.  (Talk to us about how this applies to confidential searches.)
  • Fairness.  We don’t need to be exclusive, although that does increase our attention and focus on your search.  If you have other recruiters working on jobs, let us know where the boundaries are so we optimize our (and the other recruiter’s) time.

What You Get From Us

  • Our time.  We will invest an enormous amount of consulting time to learn about your company, the open role, and what success looks like as we identify and submit candidates to meet your requirements.
  • Focused attention.  Clients that are responsive, and know we are valuable to them as a partner get the best service.  Just like when you don’t hear from your customers, if we are waiting for responses on communications, we are on hold, and put attention onto other projects.
  • Flexible Hiring Search with Process rigor.  We have a formal process and numerous tools and technologies to deliver our service to you.  Our process and tools are end-to-end from: business development (sales), contract signing, needs discovery, talent sourcing, qualification, identification, screen, pre-interview, schedule hiring manager interviews, job offer presentation, hiring, onboarding, and follow-up.  No online tool can provide this level of hands-on service that responds to dynamics in candidate and hiring manager schedules and changes.
  • Qualified candidates.  We will deliver qualified candidates based on the information you share with us.  We will never walk in with a file full of resumes that have not been vetted and methodically matched to what we know about the open role you are filling.
  • Continual improvement.  In the process to serve our clients, we expect to improve our service, understanding of your company, organization, leadership style, and other factors that we will apply.  As we fill additional positions, your investment in us will make us more valuable to you.
  • Fair fees.  Barton Professional Placement group has developed a fee structure that compensates us for the work involved in your specific flexible hiring search.  We can adjust these fees when under pressure – but that changes the dynamic priority of your specific search.  Saving a few hundred dollars on a single placement might be dollar-wise and pound-foolish measured against business results.