As an employer, you need to focus on your company’s primary mission, and that’s business. Filling open positions with qualified talent should not distract from this ultimate business objective.

Today’s technology has created opportunity, but also barriers. Swamped human resources teams have too many candidates of varying qualification. Indifferent recruiters fail to understand your business and hiring objectives. Applicant tracking systems are only as good as the algorithms they use. And, Social media has increased the number of non-business-driving tasks in the hiring process.

You need the professionals at Barton Professional Placement to cut through these barriers as your long-term partner. Barton PPG helps you accelerate development of the optimal organization to achieve business goals and satisfy stakeholder expectations – on time.

Hiring Consulting Services

Barton PPG helps you eliminates the excuse that the organization does not have the right people. We help you:

  • Identify need – in terms of organization, culture-fit and competency.
  • Develop a plan – to fit your timing and budget, including deliverables and milestones.
  • Deliver results – that achieve business goals.
  • Follow-up – Barton PPG is there for you after the start date.

Whether you need one new individual contributor, or you are building an entire new team, Barton PPG is there with a scalable process that helps you focus on your business, instead of hiring.